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Psycruit is a platform that enables you to create your own assessment campaigns for recruitment and development processes. Choose from 46 personality scales that reflect your corporate culture, or choose from our ready-to-use questionnaires focusing on scales related to success in that specific industry or role.  
Our all-in-one platform includes personality questionnaires, situational judgement tests, ability tests, tailored norm groups and recruitment data analysis.


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Your culture, your assessments 

Psycruit offers assessments that we have developed over the last 26 years to help you to identify the best people and help them to develop their performance at work.  Our platform offers unrivalled flexibility as a fully online service whether you are new to psychometrics or a seasoned test user. 

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Know what good looks like

We have more than 28 years of experience offering leading employers powerful insights into who they recruit and who ends up becoming their top performers. With our software you can compare candidates to the industry norm or create your own performance profiles. It is your data, your candidates, your growth.

Your culture

Make use of your values and competency framework by creating tailored assessments that assess the traits that promote success in your culture. You can also choose between ready-to-use questionnaires and job profiles from our Profiles Marketplace©.

Your data

Understand what good looks like for your organisation and your roles. Be in charge of the scoring algorithm and your job-match scores. Or you can compare your candidates to the profiles in our Profiles Marketplace.

Your top performers

Our candidate overview will look at the personality traits and abilities that correlate with success at your company. Assess your team, hand-pick top performers and compare candidates to them. (Here you can read more about norm groups.)


Candidate is king

» Fully responsive candidate journey branded with your logo

» Optimised for all devices

» A straight-forward and engaging candidate journey that offer value to all candidates

» Recruiter dashboard to manage the candidate journey

» Stay in touch with your candidates with automated reminders, keep-warm touches, and automated feedback reports

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The output

Powerful testing which enables you to identify high potential candidates. Psycruit automatically generates an overall suitability algorithm for candidate matching scores. From this, the Selection View give insight into the degree-of fit between an individual and the desired attributes of your job role. 

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The Science

Psychometric rigor for nearly 30 years. High reliabilities ensure accuracy and consistency. Validation research across a range of organisations and contexts conducted since 1991.

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Psycruit has been scrupulously ethical in their dealings, enhancing the customer-supplier relationship through their honest approach to doing business.
The insights provided by Psycruit helped us achieve remarkable results and I would happily recommend them highly to other organisations!
We deal with up to half a million applications from candidates each year. Psycruit has transformed our recruitment process and allowed us to improve the quality of hire - they are truly fantastic to work with!

Case: British Gas

How British Gas took advantage of Psycruit's pre-employment assessments to reduce annual employee turnover by 34 %.