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What is Psycruit?

An online assessment platform that gives you the power to create your own assessment campaigns for recruitment, selection and development purposes.


Easily build your own assessment campaigns

  • Includes personality assessments, situational judgement tests, cognitive ability tests, tailored norm groups and recruitment data analysis.
  • Choose from over 46 personality scales that reflect corporate culture, or use a ready-made questionnaires focusing on traits related to success in that industry or role.


Gain powerful insights into who you recruit. Benchmark candidates against industry norms or create your own performance profiles.

Your data. Your candidates. One solution.

Reduces hiring bias

Use your company values and competency framework to create tailored assessments and measure the traits that are most important to your organisation.

Easily assess the traits that matter most

Take charge of the scoring algorithm and your job-match scores. Understand what good looks like for your organisation and your roles.

Effortlessly compare candidate profiles

Use our candidate overview to quickly find candidates who best fit the traits that correlate with success at your company.

Responsive to all devices

Bring your assessments into the digital age. Assess your candidates on any device (mobile, tablet or computer) from virtually any location. 

Candidate is King philosophy

Engaging candidate journey that provides a seamless candidate recruitment experience, which can be customised with your company branding.

Automated reminders & feedback

Reduce recruiter workload with automated completion reminders & personal feedback reports.

Know what good looks like

Over 30 years experience offering leading employers powerful insights into who they recruit.

Benchmark candidates against industry norms or create your own performance profiles.

Your data. Your candidates. One solution.



Years in business

Psychometric rigour for over 30 years. High reliability and validity.


Completed assessments

Psycruit helps hundreds of businesses hire better, faster and smarter.

Our Existing Clients

Our Platform

Actionable insights on every candidate

Glean powerful insights into your candidates strengths and quickly identify high potential talent.

  • Psycruit Personality Questionnaires are designed by our team of business psychologists to provide insight into tendencies and preferences of your candidates within the workplace

  • Easily find and hire candidates who best match the desired attributes of your job role.

  • Access a full suite of psychometric reports including personality profiles, onboarding tips, team strengths, tailored interviewer reports, leadership and many more

Candidate is King philosophy

The Psycruit platform is built with a candidate is King philosophy. Providing a seamless experience for both candidates and recruiters is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Seamless candidate journey customised with your company branding

  • Responsive to all devices

  • Engaging candidate journey

  • Recruiter dashboard to easily manage candidates

  • Send candidates automated completion reminders and automated feedback reports

Easily build your own assessments

Choose from a range of different personality scales and use only the ones that are most relevant to your organisation.

  • Build your own personality questionnaire so you can tap directly into the traits you are interested in for the role you are recruiting for or developing

  • Pick any combination of the 46 scales in the Library and structure the selection according to your own values/competency framework, or use our default headings

  • Reports generated will structure themselves to incorporate your organisation’s tone of voice

How it works?

British Gas reduced staff attrition by 34%

British Gas used Psycruit to reduce annual employee turnover by 34 %, increased the number of female applicants by 20% and reduced the number of costly assessment centres needed by half.

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