What are psychometric assessments?

And the benefits of using them in recruitment


What is a psychometric test?


There are two main types of psychometric assessment; cognitive ability and personality. Both are fair and objective through their standardised administration and reliable and valid construction process.

Ability tests measure your aptitude and critical reasoning at certain tasks, while personality questionnaires are concerned with behaviour and preferences in the workplace. That’s it, there’s no complicated and hidden algorithms working to trick your candidates into giving up information, just a transparent assessment of these attributes.

The scientific nature of psychometric tests means they omit the influence of subjective bias present in other recruitment and development methods.

Psychometrics are almost always completed online, and most are timed. The exception here is some personality assessments (such as those on Psycruit), which can be completed at leisure until the assessment deadline.


Using assessments in recruitment


In recruitment and development, psychometric assessments are often used to help employers identify the most suitable candidates for a job opening or promotion. This is based on the extent to which their cognitive ability and personality match those required to perform the role.

The smooth candidate journey and mobile adaptive platform can give candidates a good first impression of your brand and organisation. 

Assessments may be used at different stages of the recruitment process:

Early stages

At the early stages of selection to screen-out candidates who are likely to be unsuitable for the job


Prior to an interview as a tool for facilitating interesting discussions around a candidate’s profile

Later stages

At a later stage, possibly with a second interview or as part of an assessment centre. You may wish to re-assess candidates at this point to confirm the results of earlier tests


Why Use Assessments?

Psychometric assessments simplify the recruitment process, making the process easier for you at every stage. They replace bias ridden intuitive hiring, and provide a reliable shoulder for you to lean on. Psychometric tests on Psycruit have a range of benefits.

Cost Efficiency

Sifting with minimal effort; lower the risk of making a bad hire and save on your recruiting costs.


Objective and fair

Psychometric assessments are standardised to ensure that all individuals are treated equally, and can be accurately compared. They offer a robust process, free from subjective influence and bias.


Psychometric tests outperform all other commonly used selection methods and come out on top as the single most effective predictor of job performance.

Candidate experience

Candidates respond positively to their face validity and fairness. The person-job fit and development benefits psychometrics bring mean you make the hiring decisions right for you, and for the candidate.


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