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Assessments for High Volume Recruiting

Volume recruitment is generally used when organisations need to fill a large number of roles (usually customer-facing, sales, service or support), usually in a shortened time frame. 

Often these types of roles will be critical to the operational success of a business (such as needing additional staff during busy holiday periods), as these are the candidates who will be the face and voice of your brand to enquiring customers.


Challenges of volume recruitment:

- Wastes time having to sift through huge volumes of applications

- Finding candidates that will actually provide value and fit your company values. 

- Reducing churn rate on initial hire

- Providing a positive candidate experience

- Eliminating bias in the hiring process


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When to Use Volume Recruitment

Seasonal recruitment

Many businesses in retail, hospitality & tourism tend to go on a recruitment drive directly before key seasonal periods (such as Christmas). Seasonal recruitment often involves hiring large numbers of part-time and/or temporary workers to cover the busy periods and staff holiday.

High growth phases

This often happens after a company wins some form of new business and has to rapidly increase their staffing levels to be able to service the needs of their new clients.  

Business expansion

Businesses going through an expansion period will often have to change office or location. Having to employ large volumes of people in a shortened timescale will often turn to volume based recruitment to employ a significant amount of permanent staff in new or existing roles.


Why use assessments in high volume recruitment?

We take an in-depth look behind the scenes of your business to provide a comprehensive analysis of your job roles.

After getting to know the ins and outs of your company, we then utilise a range of innovative psychometric solutions to help support and enhance your high-volume recruitment process.

We then use our knowledge of cutting edge technology to build fully tailored assessments that are specifically designed to suit the job roles you offer.

  • Provides a seamless candidate journey - improving the overall perception of your brand
  • Mobile responsive platform - bringing your recruitment proces into the 21st century
  • Psychometrically rigorous assessments - enabling you to better predict success
  • Sift through the noise - only put forward the best possible candidate

We deal with up to half a million applications from candidates each year. We needed a robust solution that would really help us select the best candidates to work in our busy pubs…that’s where Psycruit came in. Through extensive research – meeting and observing our staff in their roles, Psycruit designed and implemented a suite of online tests, tailored specifically for us. They have transformed our recruitment process and allowed us to improve the quality of hire, they are truly fantastic to work with!

Laura Purvis

Recruitment Manager / Wetherspoon