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Psycruit integrations, technical performance and information security


ATS Integrations

Seamless integrations with leading Applicant Tracking Systems

Psycruit and applicant tracking systems

We are an independent provider, with no formal commercial partnerships with ATS platforms

Some of the integrations we have set up are API based, some are bespoke and some feature full
integration of assessments into the third party platform. While we are happy to integrate with any
ATS’s, we integrate using an open API.

Psycruit as a platform can offer limited features of an ATS, in the absence of one. These include:

  • Automated communication between the candidate and platform
  • Streamline recruitment process
  • Manage candidates based on assessment scores
  • Candidate evaluation


Levels of integration we can provide


Low level integration

We provide a web-link, plus suggested copy for an email to be sent from your application system to
candidates who have been selected for interview. The web-link takes candidates to the assessment
site login page and includes the passcode that candidates need to gain access to the assessments.

The invite to testing email would be selected from a list of drop down options in the application


Mid-level integration

The invite to testing email instructs candidates to log back into their application to take the test.
Their application page will now contain a link, which is personalised to their application, which takes
them directly to the tests (with no need for logging into the assessment site). Your application
system will therefore know which candidates have logged back in to take the test.


Full integration

Some application systems can pass candidates directly into Psycruit (as described in the mid-level
integration) but the assessment site also passes back to the ATS the following information:

  • Candidate status/progress - have they competed the assessments?
  • Candidate scores/results


Benefits of integration Psycruit with your ATS


  • Improved candidate experience
  • Automation speeds up the recruitment process
  • Enhanced communication amongst the HR and recruitment team
  • Better quality of hire by removing human bias
  • Boosts employer brand
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Technical Performance

Get to know our technological background

Our platform Psycruit is built using Microsoft.Net technology, and is hosted within a Microsoft Azure Cloud solution.

The assessments work effectively across all platforms all network architecture, and all browsers.


Information Security

Criterion is an ISO 27001 certified organisation, which means all our data handling and storage
policies, processes, and procedures are benchmarked to the highest industry standards. Our hosting
provider also works to ISO 27001 guidelines.

Psycruit is hosted within the Microsoft Azure solution, which brings the highest possible levels of
security, resilience, and reliability of service.

Data on Psycruit is stored securely at a data centre based in the UK; Data restoration is available as
soon as new hardware is ready to receive the streamed back-up data. No data is moved outside of
the UK (or EU). Hardware is disposed according to WEEEI guidelines.




Artifical Intelligence


What is A.I.?

The replication of human intelligence by machines and computers. This often involves continuous
learning, using rules to reach conclusions and recognising mistakes.


How is A.I. used in psychometrics?

Psychometric testing makes use of statistical algorithms to score candidate’s responses against
groups of previous respondents, known as a norm group. Machine learning is used to determine a
candidate’s sten score, by comparing their responses to these previous respondents.


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A.I. and psychometrics





Need more detailed information?

We are happy to provide you with further information to our technical performance or information security.