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What is a Situational Judgement Test?

Situational Judgement Tests (aka SJTs) give recruiters an easy way to see how candidates will behave in their role.

When taking a Situational Judgement Test respondents will be presented several hypothetical workplace scenarios, candidates will then be asked to give the most appropriate response to the situation at hand.

Situational Judgement Tests have high face validity and excellent candidate engagement, meaning they are great for indicating fit with a role, and future job performance.

SJTs give recruiters insight into a candidate’s decision making style and approach, whilst simultaneously providing them with a more realistic job preview.


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Why do employers use SJT's?

Situational Judgement Tests provide employers with a powerful, cost effective solution that allows recruiters to more easily find their strongest candidates from a large group of applicants.

Often SJT’s will mirror day-to-day activities of the position in question to measure how competent candidates are in relation the the role.

Situational Judgement tests for recruitment

Provides a realistic job preview

Map competencies to your organisational framework providing candidates with a more realistic job preview compared to relying on interviews alone.

Eliminates hiring bias

Measure how well candidates respond to a host of work related scenarios, allowing you to find the most competent candidates for the role.

Saves time & hiring resources

Allows candidates to self select out if they realise the job isn’t a good fit for them - saving you valuable time and resources.


SJT Hosting

Have your developed your own situational judgement test but need a platform to host it on? 

Psycruit is the ideal platform to host your SJT on.

Want to know more? Drop us a line and speak to the team to find out how.


Situational Judgement Test Development

Our business psychologists have been developing situational judgement tests for over 25 years.

All of our SJT’s can be developed to be fully customised to reflect your company’s values and the requirements of the role on offer.

We also offer several off-the-shelf solutions which can be easily incorporated into any recruitment or employee development campaign.

Delivered through our online psychometrics platform, Psycruit, our SJTs can also provide sifting scores, interviewer guidance reports and candidate development advice. Information regarding individual scenario responses is also available.


Situational Judgement Test Advice