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Assessments for Sales Recruitment

Our sales recruitment tools have been specifically designed to take the strain out of recruiting and hiring your sales teams. 

Sales teams are often seen as being the lifeblood of an organisation and an increasing number of recruiters are now using psychometric assessments as a part of their sales application process. 

We find that successful sales people often share similar characteristics, such as high levels of persistence, good communication, being strong negotiators and having a strong customer focus. Therefore being able to quickly identify these traits can be key in determining the future success of your sales team.

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Sales recruitment challenges

  • Time wasted often having to sort through large volumes of candidates
  • Finding sales staff who are the right fit for the business  
  • Minimising the attrition rate of new retail hires 
  • Providing a positive recruitment experience for all sales candidates
  • Eliminating human bias from the hiring process



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Assessments for sales recruiting


Why use assessments in sales recruitment?

Our psychometrically rigorous and highly flexible recruitment software helps you sift through large volumes of sales candidates, enabling you to find the best talent and the most suitable applicants for the role.

By using Psycruit assessments in your sales recruiting you can offer candidates  a fully customised candidate journey that fits in with your brand.  

This means your sales candidates will be getting the best possible recruitment experience, meaning you get only the best candidates.

By being able to quickly identify high performing talent your recruitment teams are able to save time, money and make better hiring decisions that will have a positive impact on the business later down the line.

  • Save time & money
  • Added clarity in sales selection
  • Smarter sales recruitment
  • Improved retention of sales professionals 
  • Reduce sales recruitment costs
  • Keep sales teams more engaged 
  • Gives candidates a better impression of your brand

Psycruit not only came up with a great solution, their in-depth knowledge of retail meant that the information gathering process was thorough, and the scenarios created were varied, accurate and appropriately challenging. In addition to this, we initially set very tight time-scales for the project – they met our deadlines every step of the way.

Rachel Rotherham

Graduate Programme Manager / CO-OP