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Psycruit assessments can increase your recruitment success rate by over 30%.

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Assessments for recruitment agencies and staffing companies.

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We have gathered psychometric test data and combined that with actual job performance so that you can predict job success for your in-house professionals.  Our Top Performer assessment suite includes situational judgement test, ability test and personality questionnaire specifically for hiring recruiters and sales people.

Sales roles

Compare candidates to the industry norm: Account managers, Sales reps, Key Account managers and Team leaders

Recruiter roles

Compare candidates to the industry norm: Recruitment consultants 180/360, Researchers,  Recruitment assistants and Team leaders.

Your top performers

Build you own norm groups, connect it to actual performance data, and use the data when recruiting internally or for your clients.


% increase in recruiter success rate


% increase in candidate quality


% reduction in sourcing time

Why use us?


»  Psychometric data is the most effective predictor of job performance, outperforming all other commonly used selection methods such as interviews, references and bio-data. Psychometric data combined with actual job performance will give you the ultimate competitive advantage when recruiting. 


» Our personality assessments, cognitive ability tests and situational judgement assessments offer a robust process, free from bias. Our assessments are standardised to ensure that gender, age and nationality can not be a factor when recruiting. 


Industry-Specific Scenarios
Industry-specific scenarios will give your candidates valuable insight into the everyday tasks and challenges they will face in the recruitment industry.
Powerfully Predictive Data 
Compare your candidates to psychometric data collected from hand-picked top performers in the recruitment industry.
Set the Standard

Utilise role-specific performance profiles for you or your clients. Or collect and build your own unique norm groups.

Engage Your Candidates

Designed to mirror familiar instant messaging platforms. Candidates respond to fictional colleagues and clients and solve common industry challenges.


Actionable data on every candidate

The Psycruit algorithm helps you compare your candidates to your industry's standard.

Easily find your top performing candidates that best match the traits that relate to success in their industry.

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+30 % Success Rate
+50 % candidate quality
2 X applicant volume
-35 % sourcing time

Psychometric validity

Psychometric rigor for almost 30 years. High reliability and validity ensure accuracy and consistency. Validation research across a range of organisations and contexts conducted since 1995. Accredited by the British Psychological Society.

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Identifi Global reduced bias using Psycruit

The verbal and numerical reasoning tests have shown to be a really good differentiator. We often have candidates who in terms of technical skill may look identical, but the ones who stay in roles for longer are the ones with bettercommunication and a match in terms of cultural fit. The tools have allowed us to measure this from the beginning,particularly the verbal reasoning test; the candidates who score highly on this tend to do well in the role, it’s as simple as that.
Pete Sanders 
Director / Identifi 

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