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Assessments for Retail Recruitment

When hiring in the retail industry, recruiters will often require a more specific set of characteristics from their candidates. 

The fast-paced nature of retail employment (vs other industries) means that any hiring of new employees must be fast, expedient and efficient in order to get the most out of your applicants.


Psycruit Assessments case studies Retail recruitment challenges

  • Time wasted often having to sort through large volumes of candidates
  • Finding retail staff who are the right fit for the business  
  • Minimising the attrition rate of new retail hires 
  • Providing an overall positive recruitment experience for retail candidates
  • Eliminating human bias from the hiring process

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Psycruit assessments for retail recruitment


Why use assessments for retail recruitment?

Due to the high levels of customer focus that are required in retail, being able to quickly identify these traits will help recruiters to maximise their efficiency and develop positive ROI.

Psycruit takes the pain out of having to sift through large volumes of candidates and helps recruiters to quickly identify the most suitable candidates for the role. At the same time the assessment process will improve your candidate experience. 

  • Free up your managers to spend more time in-store 
  • Reduces average cost per hire
  • Reduces recruiter workload 
  • Hire better quality retail staff
  • Added clarity in the selection process
  • Improved retention of retail professionals
  • Reduce retail recruitment costs

Having worked with Psycruit for a number of years, we felt that they really understood our business and our culture. They had shown that they could produce flexible and adaptable solutions, which was ideal for our purpose.

Claire Fuller

Resourcing Manager / ASDA