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Pricing Assess up to 5 candidates
£ 0
£ 0
7 day free trial
Pay as you go assessments from
£ 49*
£ 42*
*p/mth hosting fee
Assess up to 1000 candidates from
£ Request
£ Request
Assess over 1000 candidates from
£ Request
£ Request
Personality Questionnaires
Ability Tests (all levels)
Situational Judgement Tests
Verification Tests
Send candidates a quick verification test to easily verify test scores.
Build your own assessments
Access full suite of Reports
Free Trial can only access Ability; Insights & Personal Feedback Reports
Unlimited report downloads
Unlimited Psycruit user accounts
Ideal for large teams of recruiters
*Monthly credit allowance
All Starter packages come with 50 Psycruit credits per month - enough to cover low level assessment activity
Additional usage charges
All Starter packages come with 50 Psycruit credits per month - enough to cover low level assessment activity
Rolling monthly contract N/A
Cancel any time
Security & Support
GDPR Compliant
Data storage
Daily data backups
Data security
Priority support
Dedicated Business Psychologist
Platform features
Candidate performance tracking
Track and monitor the performance of your candidates with our 'Candidate Performance Dashboard'
Bespoke assessment platform
Tailored norm groups
3rd party integrations
Such as with your ATS provider
Bespoke performance profiles
Customised candidate reports
Bespoke candidate journey
Bulk invite candidates for high volume recruiting
Adjustable time limits
Automated completion reminders
Easily send automated (or manual) reminders to candidates to complete their assessments
Compare candidates results
Compare up to 6 candidates' assessments results side-by-side
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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have the answers. 

  • Are you GDPR compliant?

    Yes. In accordance with The Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Psycruit has an archiving system, whereby all respondent data is anonymised 12 months after their sign up date. This means that after this period has passed you will no longer be able to download a respondent’s reports.

    The anonymised responses to any assessments a candidate has completed may be stored for longer than 12 months to aid with test development.

  • Are you ISO certified?

    Yes, you can find our certificate for ISO 27001 in the footer of our website. For more information about what this means for our data security, visit the ISO website 

  • Can the system alert me when a candidate has completed?

    Yes, we have recently launched a feature where you can choose to receive an email alert informing you of any new candidate completions on your campaign. The email will tell you how many new candidates have completed your assessments and contain a link taking you to the platform so you can view their results and download their reports. You will only receive an alert email from Psycruit if you have new completions on your campaign; if no candidates have completed in the timeframe selected, you will not receive an alert.

    You can set the regularity at either daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This feature is free of charge and you can turn it on, as well as set how often you’d like to receive the alert, on step 3 of the campaign builder using the ‘Email me when a candidate completes the assessments’ box.

    There is a new section on the homepage dashboard called 'New Candidate Completion' which enables you to easily see your 5 most recent candidates as well as view their results and access reports.

  • How will I know once a candidate has completed my assessment campaign?

    The candidates tab is the best place to see just who has signed up for your campaign, and is also the place you can check their status, view and download reports, and compare scores.

    When you set up your campaign, you can also opt to turn on ‘candidate alert emails’. The Psycruit platform will send you an email either daily, weekly, or monthly (depending on what interval you select) informing you of any new completions on that campaign so you can stay on top of your recruitment process.

  • Does Psycruit allow adjustments for candidates with dyslexia or disabilities?

    Our tests have been designed to allow ample time for all candidates, including those with dyslexia or disabilities. They are also power tests rather than speed tests which means they measure how well candidates perform in the tests rather than how many questions they complete within the time limit.

    For those with disabilities there is an Accessibility button at the bottom of the website which allows candidates to change screen contrast. Text size can be increased simply by using the zoom function on the browser or mobile device. Psycruit conforms to level “Double-A” of the W3C Web Content Accessibility for users with disabilities. It is also fully compatible with accessibility devices such as screen readers and refreshable Braille.

    You can also increase a test’s time limit on Psycruit prior to a candidate taking a test. To increase the test timer, find the candidate on the “Candidates” tab and click Test Timer from the sub menu. You will now be able to specify the new time limit for the test in the Adjusted time limit (minutes) field – remember to enter the total new time limit rather than the number of minutes you wish to increase the test by.

    If you do wish to make an adjustment to the test timer, we suggest you ask a candidate how much additional time they require. Many candidates request a 25% time increase, but it is best to ask. Contact Criterion for further advice on adjusting test timers.

  • I want to verify a respondent’s scores – how can I do this?

    You can send candidates a verification request that will require them to complete a shorter version of  an assessment again. The Psycruit platform will then compare the original test score with the verification test score and report a comparison between the two in the Ability Test Report. This is a great way to check the validity of a candidate's score on an assessment.

    To invite a candidate to complete a verification test, find and select the candidate in the “Candidates” tab and then select “verify” from the sub menu that pops up. From here you can select which assessments you would like to verify.  The candidate will receive an email asking them to complete the verification test, and instructions on how to do so.

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