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Personality questionnaires for recruitment, selection and development

Personality questionnaires are used in recruitment to assess a candidate’s personality profile; e.g. how they work, how they stay motivated, and their approach to solving problems.

During the assessment candidates will be presented with a range of statements relating to expected workplace behavior and motivations before being asked to rate how much they either agree or disagree with them.

Answers are used to build a more well-rounded view of a candidate’s personality in relation to the role being applied to.

A candidate’s results are then compared to a norm group, which allows the recruiter to gain a better understanding of their candidate in relation to a general average for that type of role.

Easily Assess Candidate Personality


Choose your own personality scales

Pick from any combination of our 46 personality scales to power your bespoke personality assessment and generate custom reports.

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Build assessments around the traits that matter

Quickly build your own personality assessments that fit the values of your own business, using our easy-to-use questionnaire builder.



Actionable insights on every candidate

Find out what makes your candidates tick and tailor your hiring approach to suit individual needs.


Streamlined candidate experience

Psycruit assessments are built to put candidates first. Our ‘mobile first’ approach to psychometrics means candidates feel at ease during the assessment and are able to take the assessment from virtually anywhere in the world (with an internet connection).


Impression Management 

The Psycruit algorithm tracks and measures respondents answers across a social desirability scale, and highlights any candidate who may have tried to positively manage their impression with the answers they give. 


Save time, money and hiring resource.

Being better informed about your candidates wants, needs and motivations allows recruiters to make better hiring decisions that provide HR departments with tangible ROI.  


Bespoke Personality Questionnaires

Quickly and effortlessly create your own personality questionnaire to tap into the traits you want from your candidates.

Easily customise your questionnaire to fit your business model, company values, or competency framework and then create it in a matter of minutes with our easy-to-use questionnaire builder.

Pick any combination of the 46 scales available in the Criterion Attribute Library (CAL) to power your bespoke questionnaire and generate custom reports.


The output: Psycruit Reports

Glean powerful insights into candidate characteristics and their work preferences.

Psycruit personality assessments provide recruiters with a range of different reports, allowing you to explore a candidates personality profile in more depth. 

Covering recruitment, selection and development purposes, our suite of reports explore in depth the individual’s personality profile and provide you with powerful insights into their tendencies and preferences at work.