Off-the-shelf assessments

Choose from a range of ready made, ready-to-use psychometric assessments.


Off-the-shelf assessments

Verbal Ability Test

Verbal reasoning tests assess your ability to understand and correctly extract meaning and inferences from written information. 

Numerical Ability Test

Numerical reasoning tests require you to analyse numerical information and apply appropriate mathematical operations to identify the correct multiple choice answer for a series of questions. 

Personality Questionnaire

Personality questionnaires help us to understand more about your style, approach and values at work, providing an insight in to your interpersonal style, thinking style, emotional style, motivations and culture fit. 

Mechanical Ability Test

Mechanical reasoning tests require you to demonstrate your ability to apply mechanical and physical laws to real objects and processes. 

Situational Judgement Test

Situational judgement tests assess your ability to pick the most appropriate action in response to a given scenario. 

Checking Ability Test

Checking tests assess your ability to compare information quickly and accurately, and check the correctness of data. 

Abstract Ability Test

Abstract reasoning tests are a measure of general intelligence which assess your ability to identify rules, patterns and trends within visual data sets to solve problems. 

Message me (SJT)

A fresh and engaging take on the traditional SJT, Message me assessments take SJTs to new heights, adopting an instant messaging conversation format. 


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