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What is a Cognitive Ability Test?

Cognitive Ability Tests (aka aptitude tests or ability assessments) are a standardised way of assessing candidate performance across different work based scenarios or tasks. 

Ability Tests measure the potential of a candidate to do the actual job vs  academic performance alone, and are often used by employers to indicate how candidates perform in a work based situation.


Cognitive Ability Tests in Recruitment & Selection

Cognitive Ability Tests provide employers valuable insight into a candidate’s ability to process information while working within a set time limit. 

They can provide a strong indication of job performance and when combined with other assessments, such as personality questionnaires, provide recruiters with a more well-rounded view of their candidates strengths and weaknesses. Allowing recruiters to make better hiring decisions. 


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Types of Cognitive Ability Tests

Numerical Ability

Numerical cognitive ability tests assess a candidate’s ability to understand and interpret numerical data. 

Numerical cognitive ability tests are multiple choice and timed. Candidates are allowed to use a calculator throughout.

Verbal Ability

Verbal cognitive ability tests assess a candidate’s ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information. 

Verbal ability tests are generally presented as a paragraph of text about a given topic, the responded will then be asked to decide if these statements are true, false, or cannot say under a time limit.

Abstract Ability

Abstract ability tests help recruiters assess and measure a candidate’s ability to work with new concepts and ideas. Abstract ability assessments are non-verbal and presented in a multiple choice format under timed conditions.

Respondents are then shown a number of patterns and/or shapes and must then predict what’s next in the sequence.

Checking Ability

Checking cognitive ability tests assess a candidate’s attention to detail and their ability to both quickly and accurately find  errors in written information.    

Checking ability test questions are presented in a 5-option multiple choice format, which requires a respondent to corroborate at least 2 pieces of reference material before identifying any errors. 


Psycruit cognitive ability tests

The Psycruit platform sets new standards in assessing candidates.

We offer three levels of cognitive ability assessment; high, mid and blue collar, each of which contain a range of assessments. 

All our ability assessments are available online (via the Psycruit platform).

All our cognitive ability assessments can be mixed and matched to ensure you unearth the candidates with the necessary skills that are vital to the long-term success of your business.



  • Expert (high level)

    High level reasoning tests for top level managers, professionals and graduates.

    Available tests:

    - Verbal
    - Numerical
    - Abstract
  • Enhanced (mid level)

    Mid-level assessments for customer-facing positions, junior management and admin roles.

    Available tests:

    - Verbal
    - Numerical
    - Abstract
    - Checking
  • Essential (blue collar)

    Simulates the demands of manufacturing, production and engineering positions.

    Available tests:

    - Verbal
    - Numerical
    - Mechanical

Cognitive Ability Test reports

Measuring candidate ability


Our cognitive ability test report gives recruiters a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s performance on one or more of our ability assessments. 

The report provides an overview of assessments taken, including what they assess, how candidates score and guidelines on getting the most out of the report. 

Assessment results can then be  explored in more detail allowing recruiters to see how effectively a candidate deals with the demands of the role in question.


Additional features

Candidate friendly

Psycruit assessments are engaging, relevant, and provide a low-stress and more seamless  candidate experience.

Unrivalled flexibility

Fully adjustable assessments that suit all organisational and candidate needs.

Rigorously reliable

High reliability, free validation research.

Adjustable scoring

Gives you more choice over how candidates’ results are displayed. Choose from a range including; Stens, T-scores or percentiles.

Traffic light scoring

A more visual method of scoring candidates using red, amber, green (RAG) to indicate overall performance.

Verification of results

If you want to verify the performance of a candidate, you can ask them to complete a shorter follow-up test to check their ability on a particular assessment.


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