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5 Tips for Designing a Virtual Assessment Centre

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 21/09/20 12:17

When designing a virtual assessment centre, it's important to follow best practice guidance if you want to get the best from your candidates.

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5 min read

Virtual Onboarding Tips and Best Practice

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 05/05/20 15:49

Most new employees decide whether they feel at home in a new job during the first three weeks of employment. Therefore, having a good onboarding process (whether virtual or not) will be key in your long-term strategy and help you to retain your top talent.  

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Are you a virtual worker, or just virtually working?

By Laura Harrison on 02/04/20 18:05

WFH? WTF! It’s a time of unprecedented change. Organisations in the UK and beyond are moving at pace to align with government recommendations and digitise their working environments.

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Tips for running a Virtual Assessment Centre

By Laura Harrison on 18/03/20 14:07

"How can we run our Assessment Centre in the current climate?"

Over the past couple of weeks (and for obvious reasons), we've received a large number of queries about how to move away from traditional forms of assessing candidates, and transitioning to a virtual assessment centre format, or at least having a more digitally focused way of assessing candidates in an assessment centre scenario. 

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