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Recruitment stats 2020: 25 hiring trends for 2020

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 07/01/20 10:18

Now that the festive period has become a (almost) distant memory and the New Year gets into the swing of things, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the key recruitment stats and hiring trends for 2020 and beyond. 

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Video Interviews

By Meera Ramshaw on 13/11/19 07:00


Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently been used for the first time in video interviews in the UK, introduced by US assessment company, Hirevue. Hirevue have given us a glimpse into the future of recruiting by integrating aspects of AI, like voice recognition and facial expressions, to improve the efficiency of hiring and to select more appropriate candidates.

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The Scales of Personality: Using Personality Questionnaires in Your Hiring Process

By Meera Ramshaw on 10/09/19 16:51

Personality questionnaires are becoming increasingly common in the hiring process to help you create a more well-rounded and deeper understanding of a candidate. Continue reading to find out more about personality questionnaires and how they can benefit your organisation.  

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Are Psychometrics Subject to Machine Learning or A.I Bias?

By Lily Harvey on 27/03/19 08:48

Artificial Intelligence, or A.I. (or machine learning as it should actually be called) often goes under the radar to influence small aspects of our lives; providing us with recommended shows to watch next on Netflix, ever more predictive weather forecasts, and the force connecting the Internet of Things (extending internet connectivity beyond computers to everyday devices, think  ‘Alexa’ talking to your heating or coffee machine). 

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