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Psychometric myths: They're going to steal my job

By Lily Harvey on 09/11/20 12:39

"Are psychometrics going to steal my job?"

In short, no. This is simply not the case. These tools are designed to help make your job simpler, and your decisions more objective, NOT do your job for you.

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Do Psychometric Assessments Actually Work?

By Lily Harvey on 18/09/20 16:27

Every so often we get people asking about how psychometrics work. This will often be accompanied with some element of doubt, and understandable discomfort about using them to make recruitment decisions.

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How can psychometric assessments deliver a positive ROI?

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 11/09/20 08:00

While it can sometimes be difficult to measure the tangible benefits of implementing any new software, HR teams are increasingly being required to justify their investments and have a good idea of an expected ROI.

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Will psychometric assessments put off potential candidates?

By Lily Harvey on 09/09/20 09:35

We used to hear clients worry about this one a lot, and I can see why some companies would be concerned, as it is a common misconception among candidates that psychometric assessments are designed to catch them out or trick them in some way. People think they are too hard and loom dauntingly over the application process, which could perhaps even motivate a candidate to cheat... but we’ve already busted that myth in a previous blog.

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Why just relying on gut instinct to make hiring decisions is a bad idea

By Lily Harvey on 08/09/20 09:49

While it would make the hiring process a lot simpler if you had a sixth sense about whether a candidate would be well suited to a position, even the most skilled interviewers are influenced by unconscious biases.

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