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Leadership Training Games: 6 Quick Ways to Break the Ice

By Lily Harvey on 11/08/20 08:00

It’s important to train your leaders to improve their self-confidence and efficacy, shaping individuals to reach their full potential. Effective ice breakers are useful not only for the training attendees but for you! The comfort it generates will also benefit you as the coordinator and make independent and outspoken potential leaders easier to handle. 

Topics: Leadership
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5 Tips to improve your employee engagement

By Psycruit on 15/07/20 08:00


Get to know your employees

Getting to know your employees on a more personal level can be one of the best ways of maintaining their engagement in a role.

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Are your managers causing poor employee engagement?

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 07/07/20 10:52

Is there a link between poor managers and employee engagement?

Some research from Deloitte has found over a quarter of UK employees (27%) admitted that they were ‘not performing their best’ at work.

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Leadership Recruitment Challenges: Why assess your business leaders?

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 19/12/19 14:30

Challenges in Leadership Recruitment:

  • Ensuring candidates for leadership roles are able to handle the pressure/responsibility of the position
  • Finding candidates with enough experience for the role 
  • Finding leaders who live and breathe your company values
  • Reducing churn rate on initial hire
  • Providing a positive candidate experience
  • Eliminating human bias in the hiring process
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Why Your Company has Failed to Produce any Leaders

By Lily Harvey on 24/01/19 12:47

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