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Can Candidates Cheat a Psychometric Assessment?

By Lily Harvey on 03/09/20 09:56

As business psychologists we hear this question a lot. People often worry that candidates can easily tweak their responses to a personality questionnaire to appear in a way that they think will be more desirable, or they can get a friend to complete their ability tests to get a higher score. Similarly, candidates believe that these tests are pitted against them, and that the only possible way to get through them is to cheat.

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6 Steps to success in Graduate Scheme Applications

By Psycruit on 21/07/20 08:15

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Does the Candidate Experience Matter in High Volume Recruitment?

By Lily Harvey on 01/07/20 15:16

High volume recruiting can be a laborious process, involving sifting through huge amounts of candidates and conducting multiple interviews to find those that sit well within your team.

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Situational Judgement Test Advice: 5 Ways to Ace an SJT

By Meera Ramshaw on 18/09/19 10:00

Have you been asked to complete a situational judgement test (SJT), but aren’t too sure what to expect? Continue reading to see how you can best prepare for the test. 

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