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2020 Onboarding stats & trends

13/01/20 11:44

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In today's fast paced recruitment industry, hiring intelligently means more than just choosing the right candidates for the role.

If you're not providing your new hires with a thorough onboarding process, then your new staff will be left floundering, feeling disengaged, overwhelmed and often looking for an early resignation. 

Here we take a look at some of the key onboarding stats and trends to consider this year and beyond.


  • Research by Glassdoor shows that great onboarding programmes can increase staff retention rates by as much as 82%. (source)

Onboarding Stats 2020 - 1

  • According to research by The Human Capital Institute (HCI), the majority of businesses only focus on the first week of onboarding, with the process often tailing off after the first week. From experience we can tell you that 1 week of onboarding is simply just not long enough for your new hires to fully bed in. (source)


  • Only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organisation does a great job of onboarding. (source)

Onboarding Stats 2020 - 3

  • First impressions are vital! The truth is, most new employees decide whether they feel at home in a new job during the first 3 weeks. (source)


  • According to research done by Sapling the average new hire has 54 onboarding activities/tasks to complete during their onboarding process. (source)


  • One study by Enboarder found that 72% of employees said that one-to-one time with their manager was the most important part of any pre-boarding or onboarding process. (source)

Onboarding Stats 2020 - 6

  • 22% of staff turnover happens during the first 45 days of employment. (source)


  • The cost of poor on-boarding doesn't just affect your employees. It has huge impacts on your bottom line. Companies that leave on-boarding to chance experience failure rates of 50% when it comes to retaining new talent. (source)

Onboarding Stats 2020 - 8

  • In 2018 research by Digitate found that 20% of new employees wouldn’t recommend their employer to a friend or family member after experiencing their onboarding process. (source)


  • Employees who had a negative onboarding experience are 2X more likely to look elsewhere for a new job in the near future. (source)

Onboarding Stats 2020 - 10

  • Just simply having any form of onboarding program has been shown to increase staff retention rates by up to 25%. (source)


  • Around a quarter of companies admitted their onboarding program does not include any form of training (which is quite frankly ridiculous). (source)

Onboarding Stats 2020 - 12

  • Over half of companies (54%) with active onboarding programs reported higher employee engagement. (source)


  • Of the HR leaders surveyed 89% of them agree that ongoing employee feedback and check-ins have a positive impact on their business overall. (source)


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