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The Assessment With No Right Answer: Let’s Talk Personality

By Psycruit on 18/08/20 11:00

If you’ve never done a personality questionnaire before, taking an assessment for the first time can definitely feel daunting. Is there a correct answer? What happens if you tick all the ‘wrong’ boxes? And will the results even be accurate?

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6 Steps to success in Graduate Scheme Applications

By Psycruit on 21/07/20 08:15

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5 Tips to improve your employee engagement

By Psycruit on 15/07/20 08:00


Get to know your employees

Getting to know your employees on a more personal level can be one of the best ways of maintaining their engagement in a role.

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Grit – the gravelly quality all employers should be hunting for

By Psycruit on 22/06/20 16:22

‘Practise makes perfect’ – perseverance as a concept is one well known to most. From learning times tables to perfecting a parallel park, early in life, tenacity is trumpeted as the major contributor to achieving goals. 

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Why are Cognitive Ability Tests timed?

By Psycruit on 02/03/20 11:09

When using a Cognitive Ability Test to assess your candidates ability, there are two different types of maximum performance test; speed and power:

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