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5 Tips to improve your employee engagement

15/07/20 10:00

5 Employee engagement strategies


Get to know your employees

Getting to know your employees on a more personal level can be one of the best ways of maintaining their engagement in a role.

Ultimately your aim as a manager should be to try and remove any friction your employees are likely to face so that they can get their jobs done to the best of their ability. In order to do this effectively you will have to ask them questions such as:


- How do you think things are going?

- What do you need from me?

- What can I do to make this task/your role easier?


Obviously you will need to follow through on whatever you ask them, simply asking them the question won’t be enough on its own.

Providing your new hires and managers with an Onboarding Report before they start their new role is one of the best ways of getting to know your employees and what makes them tick in a work setting.



Empower your employees

An engaging manager is one who empowers their employees to perform at their best regardless of the situations facing them. By empowering your workforce rather than micromanaging them, you provide an environment that encourages autonomy and gives them the responsibility to thrive on their own.



Providing honest and open feedback

Having a feedback process in place that is honest, transparent and allows for constructive feedback can be a good way of improving the engagement of your employees.

Our intuitive 360 feedback platform enables individuals to collect meaningful feedback from their colleagues on their performance across competencies that are crucial to their role.



Setting your employees clear expectations

Setting clear goals from the start is one of the best ways to more effectively engage your employees.   

If you want a workforce that is highly engaged, then it’s imperative that they know what’s expected of them. Generally we find that organisations that don’t set expectations early, often see much higher churn rates in their new hires, and have a far more costly hiring process.



Try to help them fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Some of the greatest managers in the world are those who are able to simultaneously motivate their team, whilst also helping employees fulfil or work towards their future career aspirations.  

In order to achieve this, managers will need to have regular conversations with their employees about their dreams and career goals.

How we can help improve your employee engagement?

We can provide a range of tools, psychometric assessments and coaching that will empower your leaders to become more effective managers;

Leadership development coaching

Soft Skills Training

Organisational change programmes

Personality questionnaires

Leadership reports

Onboarding reports  

Personal feedback reports


If you would like any further information on how best to start engaging your employees then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, one of the team will be happy to discuss your options in more detail.

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