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Does the Candidate Experience Matter in High Volume Recruitment?

By Lily Harvey on 01/07/20 17:16

High volume recruiting can be a laborious process, involving sifting through huge amounts of candidates and conducting multiple interviews to find those that sit well within your team.

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Grow your people and the rest will follow

By Lily Harvey on 26/06/20 10:30

Deciding where to invest organisational resources can be a daunting task for leadership teams. Eager to achieve observable growth and constrained by time, managers often become biased towards short to medium term solutions. 

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How to Identify Soft Skills in Workers

By Psycruit on 23/06/20 18:11

What are soft skills?

Soft skills, also known as transferrable or employability skills, are those we use to interact with other people and our surroundings. They are abilities and personal traits that impact employees’ performance at work; they influence how employees communicate and build relationships with colleagues, cope with changes, and resolve conflicts or problems. 

Topics: Soft Skills
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Grit – the gravelly quality all employers should be hunting for

By Psycruit on 22/06/20 18:22

‘Practise makes perfect’ – perseverance as a concept is one well known to most. From learning times tables to perfecting a parallel park, early in life, tenacity is trumpeted as the major contributor to achieving goals. 

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Virtual Onboarding Tips and Best Practice

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 05/05/20 15:49

Most new employees decide whether they feel at home in a new job during the first three weeks of employment. Therefore, having a good onboarding process (whether virtual or not) will be key in your long-term strategy and help you to retain your top talent.  

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