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6 Myths about psychometric assessments

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 21/01/20 13:14

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14 Onboarding statistics to consider this 2020

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 13/01/20 13:44

In today's fast paced recruitment industry, hiring intelligently means more than just choosing the right candidates for the role.

Topics: Onboarding
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Recruitment stats 2020: 25 hiring trends for 2020

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 07/01/20 12:18

Now that the festive period has become a (almost) distant memory and the New Year gets into the swing of things, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the key recruitment stats and hiring trends for 2020 and beyond. 

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Leadership Recruitment Challenges: Why assess your business leaders?

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 19/12/19 16:30

Challenges in Leadership Recruitment:

  • Ensuring candidates for leadership roles are able to handle the pressure/responsibility of the position
  • Finding candidates with enough experience for the role 
  • Finding leaders who live and breathe your company values
  • Reducing churn rate on initial hire
  • Providing a positive candidate experience
  • Eliminating human bias in the hiring process
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Using Artificial Intelligence in Video Interviews

By Meera Ramshaw on 13/11/19 09:00


Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently been used for the first time in video interviews in the UK, introduced by US assessment company, Hirevue. Hirevue have given us a glimpse into the future of recruiting by integrating aspects of AI, like voice recognition and facial expressions, to improve the efficiency of hiring and to select more appropriate candidates.

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