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How to convince management that you need psychometrics in your recruiting

By Psycruit on 08/02/21 10:26

If you're a recruiter or HR Professional looking to implement psychometric assessments in your recruitment process, at some point you will inevitably need to gain buy-in from colleagues and management, which can be easier said than done.  

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Watch: The People First Series Podcast

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 19/11/20 10:57

We recently teamed up with our friends at identifi Global to take part in their People First Series podcast to chat about all things company culture.

Topics: Culture
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Psychometric myths: They're going to steal my job

By Lily Harvey on 09/11/20 12:39

"Are psychometrics going to steal my job?"

In short, no. This is simply not the case. These tools are designed to help make your job simpler, and your decisions more objective, NOT do your job for you.

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Neurodiversity in Assessment and Selection: 5 Tips for Employers

By Ryan Inglethorpe on 19/10/20 10:45

What is Neurodiversity?

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Why use Situational Judgement Tests in your recruitment?

By Lily Harvey on 08/10/20 09:31

Situational Judgement Tests are a type of psychometric assessment that measures how candidates respond to a variety of different situations at work. Test takers are presented with a range of hypothetical workplace scenarios and are then asked to identify the responses that would be most and least effective.
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