Banking & Finance Recruitment Assessments

Psychometric assessments to recruit & retain your financial talent


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Banking & Finance Recruitment Assessments

Psychometric assessments for recruitment and development. Hire and retain your top finance talent.

In the banking and finance sector, psychometric assessments are regularly used to hire more efficiently across a range of roles and departments, including both customer facing roles and high-level appointments. 

Due to the financial nature of banking & finance, the risks associated with making the wrong hiring decision tend to be much higher than in other industries. Therefore getting hiring decisions right the first time is absolutely vital to ensuring the ongoing success of your recruitment strategy.


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Recruitment challenges in banking sector:

  • Reducing recruitment costs.
  • Reducing churn rate on initial hire.
  • Ensuring candidates have the right ability and results-driven mentality to do the job well.
  • Quickly being able to find and select your top performing candidates from a large pool of applicants.
  • Ensuring candidates are a good match with your company values. 
  • Engaging your candidates throughout the entire recruitment journey.
  • Sifting through large volumes of candidates to assess or interview.
  • Providing a positive candidate experience.
  • Eliminating bias in the hiring process.


Better recruiting in banking & finance

Our team of business psychologists work with your recruiters and relevant internal departments to provide a comprehensive analysis of your banking and finance roles, the tasks they perform and how they interact with the rest of the organisation.

After getting to know your company we then employ a range of innovative assessment solutions to help support and enhance your recruitment process.

Our psychometric assessments can be fully customised to match both your organisational values and the roles being offered.


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Assessments for banking sector recruiting


Why use assessments to recruit in the banking sector?

Harnessing the power of Psycruit to recruit your banking and finance candidates provides recruiters with a more well-rounded view of candidates, their ability, workplace motivations and overall fit with your business, saving you valuable time, money and resource.       

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  • Choose the personality scales that fit your banks values
  • Reduce staff attrition 
  • Reduce average cost per hire
  • Easily sift large volumes of candidates 
  • Quickly find your top performers 
  • Benchmark candidates against industry standards
  • Improve the perception of your brand
  • Appeal to digitally savvy candidates
  • Psychometrically rigorous assessments
  • Easily integrates with most ATS providers
  • Safe, secure & fully GDPR and ISO compliant.

Psycruit has been both helpful and reliable. For the past twelve months, we have been rolling out ongoing online assessments to a large government department, using Trinity Beta and Trinity Executive. There has never been a hitch with the technology and access to the downloadable reports has been so easy. As a consequence, our client has been pleased with the quality of service, buying increasingly more as we expand the campaign. In addition, Criterion has been scrupulously ethical in their dealings, enhancing the customer-supplier relationship through their honest approach to doing business.

Paul Phillips

Senior Consultant Psychologist / Capita