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Assessments for Recruiting Apprentices 

In many organisations, apprentices will often go on to become the leaders, supervisors and managers of the business, so when you find a candidate who excels, it’s vital that you’re able to quickly spot their talents and offer them a suitable role within your company.   

When done properly, apprentice recruitment can play a key role in the future success of your business.


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Challenges recruiting apprentices

- Wasted time having to sift through large volumes of apprentices

- Finding apprentices who provide long-term value to your organisation 

- Reducing attrition rate of new apprentices on initial hire

- Providing a positive recruitment experience for apprentices

- Eliminating human bias in the hiring process



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Assessments for apprentice recruitment


Why use assessments in apprentice recruitment?

Leveraging the power of Psycruit in your apprentice recruitment scheme, means you will have a well-rounded view of candidates’ abilities and be able to more easily find apprentices suited to your organisation, saving time and providing added clarity to HR teams.       

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Criterion can help refine your apprentice recruitment process then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either give us a call or drop us a quick email and one of team will call you back to discuss your options. 

  • Save time & money
  • Added clarity in candidate selection
  • Smarter recruiting of apprentices
  • Improved retention of apprentices 
  • Reduce apprentice recruitment costs
  • Keep apprentices more engaged 

Psycruit has been both helpful and reliable. For the past twelve months, we have been rolling out ongoing online assessments to a large government department, using Trinity Beta and Trinity Executive. There has never been a hitch with the technology and access to the downloadable reports has been so easy. As a consequence, our client has been pleased with the quality of service, buying increasingly more as we expand the campaign. In addition, Criterion has been scrupulously ethical in their dealings, enhancing the customer-supplier relationship through their honest approach to doing business.

Paul Phillips

Senior Consultant Psychologist / Capita