Carousel 360 Feedback

Gain a rounded view of employee performance

Build Engaging 360 Surveys

Surveys can include a combination of rating scales, open-ended questions and an interactive strengths tool.

Automated Candidate Feedback

The system automatically provides candidates with a feedback report on the day showing the outcomes of their personality questionnaire. 

Secure & GDPR Compliant

We are ISO 27001 certified, meaning our data handling and storage policies, processes, and procedures meet the highest industry standards. 

Easy Admin

Set up your own 360 feedback process in just 3 simple steps: Specify your performance indicators; design your 360 process and invite your recipients.

Powerful Reporting

Our easy-to-interpret 360 feedback reports have been specifically designed for identifying strengths and performance trends for development planning.

360 Reports use attractive visuals to present the feedback collected in a way that easily accessible.

Fully bespoke

We take a collaborative approach to bespoke 360 design, working with you to first understand your role requirements and then creating bespoke assessments based on a range of job analysis techniques. 


360 Feedback Benefits

Provides a balanced view of employee performance
Helps increase employee self-awareness
Reduces management and HR team workload 
Allows discovery of key strengths 
Helps uncover potential weaknesses
Corrects for human bias
Provides a more engaging employee experience
Improves feedback experience for respondents
Enables development of future skills

360 Feedback Reports

Carousel 360 feedback reports have been specifically designed to present the feedback in a way that is easily accessible, with attractive visuals and intuitive reporting.

All our 360 reports boast multi-dimensional feedback with an array of features including potential strengths, behaviour ratings and open comments.

Designed to complement the breadth of response formats within the 360 feedback survey, the reports can explore feedback across a range of dimensions, helping you to identify patterns and trends in the feedback.


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What is 360 Feedback?


360 degree feedback provides a holistic view of employee’s performance by gathering feedback from a range of sources. This typically includes the employee’s manager, peers, direct reports and any other key stakeholders.

Our 360 feedback reports help us to offer a richer, more representative picture of performance than supervisor feedback can provide on its own.


What format does it take?

360 feedback generally adopts a questionnaire format, in which feedback providers are asked to rate the employee against a number of behavioural indicators. Behavioural indicators are chosen to measure the key competencies required for effective performance on the job.

Questions may adopt a rating or open ended format. The same questions are given to all respondents and all individual responses are anonymous, ensuring the collection of honest and confidential feedback.

How is 360 Feedback Used?


As a Development Tool

Many organisations find that 360 feedback is a great way of empowering and engaging employees as it offers a sense of self-management and control. Individuals taking part nominate who they want to provide feedback, often after discussion with their line manager. They also have the opportunity to give their own views about their performance which they can compare with other feedback given. This helps individuals to identify where they can adjust behaviour or develop skills, as well as enabling them to reflect on areas of strength.


For Performance Appraisement

360 feedback can be a valuable tool for directing and enhancing employee performance appraisal conversations between an employee and their line manager. More specifically, 360 may be used for goal setting, by helping identify specific and measurable goals. At an organisational level, 360 feedback can offer insight into workplace trends, training needs, whilst enabling comparisons to be made between employee groups. This can help inform culture change initiatives, engagement strategy and succession planning.


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